Roundup is a social planning app that makes arranging events with friends easy. Collaborate via realtime chat, vote on dates and details, collect money, book flights and hotels.

The app was built using a single cross platform codebase. Allowing the app to be downloaded on all major platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Essental for an app of this nature. It also allowed for a web/desktop version to be developed at a later date.




iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile

problem statement

Planning events with friends can be a challenge, even in the hyper connected socially driven world we live in. The apps we use are acutely focused on solving a specific problem, be it messaging, finding an event to attend, collecting payments or booking a flight. We are missing a hub for planning.

app goals

After user behaviour and market analysis we refined the core goals of the app. These were addressed throughout the design and build process.

  1. Streamline and simplify the event planning process
  2. Integrate with existing apps and services
  3. Built in viral hooks and growth mechanics
  4. Accessible on all platforms
app overview

Roundup is divided into two main areas. Your Events and Event Listings.

Your Events gives you a visually rich and informative overview of all the events you are currently involved in or have been invited to.

Event Listings brings together multiple event listing sources and presents them in a clean structured manner to browse. Users can also import events from almost any app or website using the clever share extension.

key features and screens

Roundup is solving a problem with a very broad scope of needs. This requires features to be contextually available otherwise the app would feel overwhelming. Presenting functionality when relevant is the key to Roundup’s clean yet powerful interface.


Planning a trip that involves getting on a plane and booking a hotel can be challenging, especially as a group. The integration with Skyscanner allows groups to get live flight, hotel and car hire estimates directly within their event.


Other than aggregating events from a multitude of sources Roundup also allows importing of events from any other app or website.

The share extension pulls in event images, dates, times and ticket links make creating a new event as frictionless as possible.

invited user signup flow

This is an extremely critical part of Roundup’s ability to grow. When an event organiser has decided to use Roundup over Whatsapp or Messenger there is a potential friction point, getting invitees to download and install a new app.

We overcame this by a series of intelligent SMS invites/updates and a live event preview page. This achieved an 80% invite to signup ratio on the first event created.