monthly collage


Digital cameras and smartphones allow us to capture photos of anything and everything in our lives, but then what happens. They are archived away on our phones and social media. What happened to the days of getting photos developed, putting them in an album, pinning them on a cork-board or sticking them to the fridge. Of course you can get your digital photos printed but how often does that happen.

MonthlyCollage aims to bring these digital photos to life by automatically sending you a beautiful collage of your Instagram photos to pin up on the wall each month.


Design & Growth



Instagram users take so many incredible photos each month that are often forgotten. We wanted to find a unique way of celebrating those photos, being able to display them in a convenient, attractive way, and to share with your friends.
Lee Hawkins, Founder
how does it work?
  1. Users visit the MonthlyCollage website and connect their Instagram account.
  2. A collage of all of their pictures for each month is generated. Each collage layout is unique with every photo the user has taken in the last month included. One tile displays the month and year, and tile size of each photo will be prioritised based on likes received on Instagram - the most liked photos will appear the biggest in the collage.
  3. On the 1st of every month a unique collage is automatically generated and sent to users via email.
  4. Users have the option of having this physically printed and posted to them with the MonthlyCollage print subscription service.

Gift print subscriptions are available in 3, 6 or 12 month options including free worldwide delivery.