Inkly is one of the leading apps that allows you to send personalised greetings cards, postcards, flowers and gifts from your mobile device to anywhere worldwide.

When Inkly was conceptulised, the market was full of uninspiring apps with complex card creation flows. The aim for Inkly was to simplify the card sending experience without compromising on features.

As Head of Product, Design & UX, I directed Inkly from initial concept through to a live product with over 200,000 users. I was responsible for the end to end product experience, managing the product roadmap and leading the design of new features that added value to the business.




iPhone, iPad, Android

One of the most enjoyable and unique apps I’ve ever used. Everything just works.
Leanne Western, AppStore
the inkly platform

Inkly consists of four main offerings each with it’s own user experience and checkout flow for each. These are greetings cards, postcards, flowers/gifts and digital moments.


Inkly customers love to express themselves by creating their own designs from scratch, combining intuitive user experience withthe most advanced customisation features available. Combining stickers, collages, text and drawings to create unique, personalised digital ‘moments’.

company deck

For a more comprehensive view of Inkly, including: the market, features, performance, technology and my role as co-founder/head of product. Please view the company deck PDF.

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